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Maybe a little too much, but we aren’t ashamed to admit we’re a bunch of geeks that spend our spare time trying out the latest technology and software. If you have an idea for a startup, website redesign, mobile app, or something else that you would like to do on the web, we have the expertise to make it happen.

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Business and Product Ideation

With the disruptive power of the internet comes an unprecedented opportunity to create new business models and products that have not existed before. It also provides an opportunity to apply the internet as a medium to enhance and refurbish existing business models. Without a viable business model, products rarely succeed. The goal of our ideation process is to discover a scalable and repeatable business model that delivers value to the customer and generates sustainable revenue for our clients. Have an idea? Start here >
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Design and Development

If you’ve ever loved using a web or mobile application, you’ll know what we mean when we say, “complexity made simple is beautiful.” Our designers and engineers are fanatical about building powerful and elegant applications that solve real problems for their users. We use industry best practices and build our applications with scalability and maintainability in mind. Learn more >
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Scaling and Optimization

One of the challenges of success is maintaining a responsive and consistent experience for your users as the popularity of your business increases.
At Cramer Development, we have experience designing high-availability multi-tiered architectures that are capable of growing right alongside your business. Our engineers are passionate about building high performance software and server architectures that will scale to suit the needs of your users. Learn more >
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Co-founding and Startup Incubation

The context of a business model is the most effective way to build economically sustainable engines that create and deliver new value to people. These businesses are called Startups. Startups are defined as, “temporary organizations designed to discover a scalable and repeatable business model” (~Steve Blank).To be successful in a Startup, a diverse set of disciplines must be masterfully executed including: software engineering, art & design, product management, marketing, finance, and strategic planning. Learn more >
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